Computer Builds Done Right!

Are you unhappy with your current MSP’s ‘sloppy computer build?’ Are you in need of a powerful custom PC built for you that will keep longevity and upgradeability front of mind? 

If so, Middleground has you covered!

Whether it’s a workstation, a top tier gaming PC, or even a video or photo editing machine, our expert technicians can build the PC of your dreams. Our computer builds are something special that you cannot just buy off the shelf. We can build the PC you need and support you for its entire life. Each PC is built with care and attention with only the best parts chosen.

custom computer builds chicago
custom computer builds chicago

Custom Builds for All Your Needs

Our computer build department is dedicated to custom builds with a configurator tool that ensures compatibility with all of your components. We are also proud to be Chicago’s premier PC builder! Each PC is built by professionally trained PC builders, and as a customer, we can help keep your machine run flawlessly and hit those max frames rates for life.

In addition, we also offer a variety of hardware and software maintenance services including PC tune-ups, component upgrades, rebuilds, coolant flushes and more.

Why Choose Us for Your Next Computer Build?

Our team of dedicated builders and trained staff provide turn-key solutions. We use only the best parts, with lots of options and availability. In fact, Middleground has one of the biggest selections of custom PC parts of any custom PC builder in the Chicago area. In addition, we backup our builds with a guarantee that just cannot be beat.

Quality – Each PC is carefully crafted with our team of system builders, using top of the line parts and software.

Performance – We ensure the system is running in tip-top shape. We update all drivers and then benchmark each one against similar hardware to make sure it runs like a jet-plane.

Support Our service is second to none, before and after the PC is built. Whether you need advice on a new PC, help with an issue, or upgrade advice, we are here for you every step of the way.

Warranty – Lifetime phone and email support is standard. 

So whether you are thinking about your first computer, building the highest powered gaming computer you can, or configuring a fleet of computers to meet your business needs, Middleground can help you reach all of your goals with our custom built PCs. So let us get your computer built correctly and contact Middleground today!

custom computer builds chicago

We make sure your custom computer build is top notch!

Stop worrying about slow processors and get the machine of your dreams!