State Mechanical Services

State Mechanical Services was established in 2005, providing quality services from the get-go. Their staff and operations grew exponentially, and their technology could not keep up. The servers they had could not keep with the additional file storage needs, application performance requirements, and their field technicians need to have the capability to work remotely. As the demand for technology needs grew, there was also a need to keep their data confidential and secured. After surpassing the 30 employee mark, things became stagnant; this was due to limitations with their infrastructure. With the need for advanced storage and file needs, instant offsite backups, remote access, cybersecurity, and better performance to help them grow - Middleground Technologies stepped in to help ease the burden.


With our knowledge of the HVAC and manufacturing space, Middleground was able to analyze the environment and devise a precise technology roadmap with goals, milestones, and end results. State Mechanical was pleased with the design, but, with promises have been broken in the past from other companies, would Middleground deliver?

Our first step was to remove, replace, and re-architect the servers at their headquarters. Everything was running on two old servers, that were out of date, had aging hardware components and no room for growth. Middleground Technology recommended scrapping the two servers and moving to a virtualized environment using Vmware technology. With the purchase of one powerful server, they were able to carve out six virtual servers (VM's), and segmented each server's role. With the new design and rapid implementation of only two weeks, State Mechanical immediately saw the results - applications opened instantly, there was plenty of room for files, and most importantly everything was cleanly organized!

Middleground also added a new Cisco firewall with SSL-VPN capability to allow access for staff to work remotely, as well the field staff. They were able to connect within seconds, which streamlined operations - they used to email documents back and forth - the field techs could now have access and update the files they needed for a job within minutes versus days! With the new server and firewall in place, Middleground also added a layer of cybersecurity approach which includes spam filtering, mobile device management, encryption, security training, and much more. Security threats are now a thing of the past, and management can sleep at night knowing their data is safe!

State Mechanical Services is a happy client that has been with Middleground for the past five years, and they have grown exponentially financially as well as staff count - from 30 to over 100! Without a solid technology implementation and a rapid response team to help around the clock, their growth would have been evolved at a much slower pace, and with more frustration. State Mechanical continues to turn to Middleground for the foreseeable future for consulting, maintenance, and for their industry best knowledge.

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