Do’s and Don’ts for Virtual Meetings

Video conferencing apps have been the breakout star of 2020. With the rise of remote work, video conferencing has become the best way to facilitate collaboration and teamwork to replicate in-person meetings. Remote work may not be going away for any time soon, so we’ve compiled a list of video conferencing do’s and don’ts.


  • Test Your Technology: Always make sure you are prepared for your virtual meetings by testing your technology first. Ensure your camera and microphone are working and that your audio is clear. If you are meeting with a client or potential employer, have a test call first and contact your company’s managed IT services provider if issues arise.
  • Change Your Background: If you are using your real background, make sure it is free of clutter or any other distractions. If you choose to use a background photo, make sure that it is professional, doesn’t contain any words, and that you don’t fade into the background.
  • Turn Off Notifications: Turn off your email or other chat function notifications so that you are not distracted during the call. If you are sharing your screen, turning off your notifications could help you avoid a potentially embarrassing moment.


  • Forget to Unmute: The number one video conferencing faux pas is forgetting to unmute yourself when you begin talking. While you want to be respectful to other attendees and mute when you are not speaking, you always need to remember to unmute yourself when it is your turn to present.
  • Do Other Work During the Meeting: While checking your email or doing other work is easier to do when you are meeting virtually, it is still considered rude to be working on other tasks. Instead, you should stay focused while in a video conference the same way you would if the meeting were in-person.
  • Forget About Your Appearance: Don’t forget about your appearance while you are on a video call. While one of the best parts about working from home is getting to wear comfier clothes all day, it might not be the right move for a video call. Instead, make sure your hair is brushed and you are representing yourself well on camera.