Synergy Mechanical Solutions, Inc.

Synergy Mechanical is a rapidly growing HVAC product supplier based out of the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, IL, and has successfully grown by leveraging honest relationships, communication, and teamwork. However, Synergy’s aging onsite IT infrastructure could not keep up with both its current and future growth initiatives…

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Outsourced IT Services in Chicago


UnitedRX was esctablished 10 years ago in 2008 by a group of pharmacists who saw the future. They wanted to provide the best long term care as well as a pharmacy that actually cared about their customers and their feedback. Since then, UnitedRX has grown to 6 pharmacies and over 200 employees who average 7 years of pharmacy experience…

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State Mechanical Services

State Mechanical Services was established in 2005, providing quality services from the get-go. Their staff and operations grew exponentially, and their technology could not keep up. The servers they had could not keep with the additional file storage needs, application performance requirements, and their field technicians need to have the capability to work remotely. …

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